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Orwell’s favorite lobby

Orwell’s favorite lobby
Palestinians are blameless paragons of virtue and democratic values who pose no threat to Israel. If those stiff-necked Jews would just end the “occupation” …

” strong The United States should impose a solution on Israel and, as per the legislation; falsely state that settlements are illegal; prevent products created in the West Bank from being labeled “Made in Israel”; restrict U.” Translation: Hamas terrorists indiscriminately firing thousands of rockets at Israeli citizens while using Palestinians as shields are no different than Israelis defending their citizens, and the United States should force Israel to repeat the mistake of evacuating the Gaza Strip so the Palestinian state of Hamastan can be established in the West Bank.J Street insists it is “pro-Israel” because they know what is best for the Jewish state sitting 6,000 miles away in their La-Z-Boys in the United States where their children do not have to serve in the military, where they don’t need bomb shelters in their homes and where they don’t have to worry that a Palestinian terrorist will stab them in the back, set off a bomb at their local pizzeria or blow themselves up at their child’s college cafeteria or their family Passover seder.J Street is not just out of touch with Israelis but also Palestinians, most of whom oppose their two-state solution.

“J STREET WELCOMES INTRODUCTION OF THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION ACT.Four elections were held in Israel without the Palestinians being an issue; nevertheless, like parrots, they squawk, “Polly wants a two-state solution,” ignoring the interests of the people of Israel and the reality on the ground.

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