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Only sustainable palm oil can save the Orangutan from extinction

Only sustainable palm oil can save the Orangutan from extinction
Last week an Roberto Gatti, made headlines in Malaysia when he proclaimed that there is “no such thing as sustainable palm oil

66 Share this: p p Following the end of the Second World War Vietnam which was a colony divided into multiple countries came together under the independence initiative undertaken by its leader Ho chi Minh from August 15-30, 1945.Sensing the opportunity, Ho Chi Minh urged the population to rise in revolt and helped to organize the league of the independence of Vietnam.Ho Chi Minh started this popular movement against the French and was more concerned with liberating the country against the French.Ho Chi minh who was a communist but was a nationalist wanted to create a space for the Vietnamese National movement and the interregnum between the withdrawal of the Japanese forces and the arrival of the French forces provided the VietMinh with the opportunity.

Ho Chi Minh along with its Vietnamese People’s army marched to control of northern parts of the country and urged all the people across the country to unite for National uprising.It further ensured that Ho chi minh formally declared independence on September 2nd,  1945 and in the process declared that Vietnam would abide by the ideologies of self-determination and freedom.

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