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One industry is still booming in NYC... the sex trade – HotAir

One industry is still booming in NYC... the sex trade – HotAir
Taking it to the streets

When Mayor Bill de Blasio talked about New York City “reopening” after the pandemic lockdowns, I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind.And thanks to a variety of factors, the street trade appears to have significantly increased in volume, according to the New York Post.New York recently repealed its law against Loitering for the Purposes of Prostitution.There are thousands of gangbangers with illegal guns on the streets of New York causing all manner of mayhem.

Brooklyn’s open-air prostitution market was up and running over the weekend — with the only deterrence some thunderstorms the blew through Saturday into early Sunday as law enforcement continued to largely sit back and observe the brazen enterprise… Though the number of women working the stretch — and johns seeking their services — appeared down following last week’s front-page Post exposé, those who continued to take to the streets encountered little new in the way of law-enforcement pushback.The lone marked NYPD vehicle seen in the area — the exact location of which is being withheld to protect the women involved — across more than two hours early Sunday left around the time the storm blew over.

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