25 Mar, 2021 23:00 am

On Labour’s Less Than Radical Housing Package

On Labour’s Less Than Radical Housing Package
Houses are now like Bitcoin with a street address, a speculative currency priced beyond the reach of ordinary humans. The public is not impressed. Don’t tell Judith Collins, but the polls indicate that more Kiwis would support a meaningful capital ...

The big news items were (a) the extension of the so-called “bright line” test of how long developers have to hold into houses before the profits from selling them get taxed and (b) the phasing out of the tax deductions for the interest payments on residential properties other than the family home.) that has caused such a fuss applies only to the sale of existing properties that are not the family home lived in all the time.As indicated above, the exemption for the family home remains, but one of the anomalies has been removed.Besides the family home in Karori that she jointly owns, Willis also has : Impressive.

Also, extra billions are being made available for the building of houses and related infrastructure, for land purchases for social housing, and for apprenticeship schemes to help resolve the capacity constraints that sunk Kiwibuild.As mentioned, there’s more money for housing and infrastructure, more money to buy land for social housing, and more money for apprentices to help build the houses.

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