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Okinawans hold out against new U.S. base in coastal zone

Okinawans hold out against new U.S. base in coastal zone
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The Okinawa prefecture government recently rejected central government plans to sink more than 70,000 compacting pillars into Henoko’s seabed for construction, which would impact coral and seagrass that host more than 5,000 species of marine life.7 times the central government’s initial estimate, and experts are increasingly seeing the plan as unfeasible.Now that the central government’s application has been rejected, “it cannot proceed with base construction, but it will likely file lawsuits,” Yoshikawa said.The central government overruled the results anyway.

Okinawan activists, some of whom have been protesting against the relocation to Henoko Bay for decades, plan to continue their dissent following the defeat of the opposition Constitutional Democratic Party (CDP).” Locals tend not to see the Henoko relocation as a one-off issue, but a symptom of a deeper endemic problem with roots in Okinawa’s colonial and military history, according to Iwama, who is also a Ph.

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