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NYC teen nabbed for taking part in bicyclist attack on BMW

NYC teen nabbed for taking part in bicyclist attack on BMW
The teen was identified and taken into custody late Wednesday, just a few hours after police released images of the attack on Fifth Ave. near 21st St., officials said.

’” Torgovnick said he and his mother were on their way to drop off donations at a Housing Works thrift store in Chelsea when the young bicyclists came up behind his car at E.As the light turned green, I started to pull forward and I saw in the rear view mirror all these bikes coming and I wasn’t sure what was about to happen,” Torgovnick said.(Image released by NYPD) Torgovnick said he slowed down, planning to let the teens pass, and had no idea one of them had crashed.[More New York] Suspect arrested in unprovoked fatal beating of 79-year-old man on Brooklyn street p “When I heard the thud, I didn’t know what happened,” said Torgovnick.

Videos show at least four bicyclists attacked the 2009 BMW SUV, which had medical plates — Torgovnick said his father is a doctor.East 20s, #Manhattan, New York, earlier today.

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