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NYC’s Times Square will be closed on New Year's Eve

NYC’s Times Square will be closed on New Year's Eve
The crystal orb that normally draws millions of visitors will still make its famous descent down the flagpole — but don’t bother trying to sneak a peek in person, says the NYPD.

The coronavirus pandemic — in its final, cruel act of 2020 — has grounded public New Year’s Eve bashes around the globe, including the iconic ball drop at Times Square which will be closed to revelers this year.“Next year we will all gather and fill Times Square,” Chief of Department Terence Monahan said in a press conference police headquarters Wednesday.” Anyone seen gathering near Times Square “will be told to move along,” Monahan warned.” NYPD Barrier Division officers are seen placing metal barriers around Times Square on Dec.

” First responders and essential workers will be allowed to watch the ball drop from a private spot in the Times Square area.Cops will be still be protecting Times Square because of its “iconic status” but the number of officers will be reduced by 80%, police said.

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