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NYC man shot dead in liquor store threw first punch

NYC man shot dead in liquor store threw first punch
Darell McAllister — free less than two years after serving time for loaded gun possession — was killed during an argument between several men inside R & C Wine & Liquor on E. 111 St. near Madison Ave. around 9:45 p.m. Tuesday.

(Sam Costanza/for New York Daily News) The man shot dead in an East Harlem liquor store threw the first punch that sparked the shooting, police said Wednesday.22-caliber handgun and fired once, hitting McAllister in the head, police said.He had four total arrests on his record, three for gun possession and one for marijuana, police said.xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> Pfizer to supply 100 million more doses of COVID-19 vaccine to U.

Most Read At one point when McAllister threw a punch, one of the men pulled out a .Related Gallery Daily News photos of the year: The images that defined 2020 in New York The shooter and his pals ran off and are still being sought.

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