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NYC Health Dept. prepares large-scale effort to give COVID vaccine to NYers

NYC Health Dept. prepares large-scale effort to give COVID vaccine to NYers
New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi took a key initial step on Tuesday, calling for municipal workers to volunteer to work at sites known as points of distribution, or “PODs,” where the vaccine will be given in addition to locations like hospitals and pharmacies authorities are planning to use.

The city is readying an “all-hands-on-deck” effort to vaccinate New Yorkers.The city plans to use a forthcoming website for New Yorkers to set up appointments.Ribeiro/for New York Daily News) While authorities are planning to distribute the vaccine through hospitals, clinics and other providers, the health commissioner noted that the municipal government “may need to add significant capacity in order to offer vaccines to as many New Yorkers as possible across the city.Hizzoner said the city will work to ensure the vaccine reaches 27 neighborhoods hit hardest by the outbreak, which had claimed 25,008 New Yorkers’ lives as of Monday, according to the Health Department.

But we cannot do it all alone — we need your support to fully staff and mobilize these PODs, so we can operate a network of NYC COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Sites on a large scale,” he wrote fellow agency heads.“For this emergency, the City will utilize the POD model for COVID-19 vaccines, standing up a citywide network of COVID-19 vaccine PODs, which will be called NYC COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Sites.

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