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NYC drug overdose death reach highest level in years

NYC drug overdose death reach highest level in years
From January through March of this year, 440 New Yorkers died of accidental drug poisoning, the department stated Wednesday.

The start of 2020 brought the highest death toll from drug overdoses the city has seen in recent years, according to Health Department stats released Wednesday.” In the first three months of 2020, overdose deaths reached their highest level in years, according the city Department of Health.(Shutterstock) The Bronx saw the most overdose deaths, 118, followed by Brooklyn, which had 81, Manhattan, 76; Queens, 73 and Staten Island, 32, according to the Health Department.“These data tell a consistent story,” said Health Department research director Dr.

The opioid fentanyl, which is much stronger than morphine, was detected in a majority of overdose deaths last year, the Health Department found.Most Read The city is spending an extra $2 million on expanding access to treatment, distributing the lifesaving anti-overdose drug naloxone and other steps, the Health Department stated.

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