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NYC community unites for Christmas after fire guts historic church

NYC community unites for Christmas after fire guts historic church
It seemed a tragic coda to an already-difficult year in which the congregation has met only virtually for nine months due to the pandemic.

” The site of Middle Collegiate Church, which was devastated by a fire earlier in the month, is seen in New York on Dec.The facade and the New York Liberty Bell are the only parts of the 128-year-old church that remain.20, 2020 image taken from video and provided by the Middle Collegiate Church, the Jerriese Johnson Gospel Choir of New York City's Middle Collegiate Church sings "Jesus, What a Wonderful Child" as part of the church's virtual Dec.At Christmases past, parishioners at Middle Collegiate in New York City rejoiced over gospel hymns, carols and soul tunes played on a Steinway piano that is now only metal and ashes.

” [More New York] Teen, 16, fatally shot in head inside Bronx deli p Built in 1892 in the East Village, Middle Collegiate is home to the oldest congregation of the Collegiate Churches of New York, which date to the settlement of Manhattan Island by Dutch colonists in the 1620s.Its belfry houses New York’s Liberty Bell, which tolled to mark the birth of the country in 1776 and was later rung for inaugurations and deaths of presidents and in remembrance of the Sept.

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