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NYC chefs use COVID lockdown to perfect family holiday recipes

NYC chefs use COVID lockdown to perfect family holiday recipes
In some cases, they’ve been surprised by the deliciousness of their own creations. In other cases, well . . . let’s just say they’re looking forward to hopefully rejoining the family fold more than ever next year.

Jennifer Anderson (Courtesy photo) “They were a disaster,” said Anderson, an actor and personal trainer who has gone home every Christmas since moving to New York City over a decade ago.[More New York] Bronx beep: Yankees whiffed with $50,000 donation to 10 local businesses p Accomplished home cook Patricia Chui, who regularly challenges herself to recreate dishes by famous chefs, also got a hard lesson in the perils of recipe-tweaking when she tried to make an entire holiday meal from scratch.[More New York] Brooklyn girl, 11, dies in crash during state police pursuit in upstate New York p “Almost every single dish I made had something wrong with it” she said.[More New York] N.

[More New York] Nine Blood gang members indicted for running NYC prostitution ring; sex worker tipped off police after fearing beatdown p “I think cooking is both an act of self-love and self-reliance,” Sandoval said.(Courtesy photo) Stuck in her Brooklyn apartment for Thanksgiving, which she normally celebrates with friends, only contributing her famous deviled egg appetizer, Chui laid out an ambitious, multi-dish feast that featured quail and homemade mini-pies.

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