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NY veteran runs in memory of Marines

NY veteran runs in memory of Marines
While many people go for runs to clear their head or stay in shape, Marine vetera Eric Morehouse runs in honor of fallen Marines and to commemorate historic events in which Marines have participated. And he does it while holding an American flag.

“I like to pay tribute to them, try to say the person’s name,” Morehouse said, adding that he hopes passersby “go out and Google this person or say a prayer for this person’s friend or family.” As for when he heard about Walker’s passing, Morehouse said it first came from a mutual friend of his over Facebook, who knew he had run with the flag at different times to honor veterans.“The outreach I’ve gotten from this particular Marine speaks to a lot about our community," Morehouse said.old, young, Biden supporters, Trump supporters, they’re all cheering for the flag," he said.

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