26 Jan, 2021 23:15 am

Nuclear Treaty extended: What is the nuclear treaty?

Nuclear Treaty extended: What is the nuclear treaty?
THE NUCLEAR TREATY between Russia and America has been extended following a conversation between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. But what is the nuclear treaty?

” What is the nuclear treaty?The nuclear treaty between the US and Russia is called the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).READ MORE: Inside Putin's ‘£1billion palace' complete with ice hockey rink Nuclear Treaty extended: What is the nuclear treaty?Nuclear Treaty extended: Putin and Biden have decided to extend the treaty READ MORE Putin sparked Falklands row as he demanded UK 'give back islands' The treaty limits both Russia’s operational force – nuclear weapons which can be deployed to the US at short notice – as well as its large non-operational force which could be made operational over time.

Nuclear Treaty extended: Biden told Russia the US would defend itself against any malign action Nuclear Treaty extended: Russia's military power This information is maintained in a common database on each country’s nuclear arms and serves as an invaluable source of information for US policymakers, military personnel and intelligence analysts.DON'T MISS Putin on brink: Dispute with China unveiled as Navalny cripples Moscow [REPORT] Biden linking up with UK as Merkel's successor 'backs Putin over NATO' [INSIGHT] Putin 'will do anything to break up EU' amid Navalny row with Brussels [ANALYSIS] Nuclear Treaty extended: The Treaty limits Russia's military power READ MORE Russia willing to ‘get closer’ to US under Biden If one of the countries undertakes an action which requires a database update, such as moving a missile from one location to another, producing a new missile or deploying additional warheads on a system, the party has to send a notification within five days.

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