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NRZ takes up import substitution challenge

NRZ takes up import substitution challenge
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Company spokesperson, Mr Martin Banda, said the integrated rail technologies unit consists of different engineering departments capable of providing solutions to challenges faced by local industries, including miners.“It has been noted that there is a need for industries and miners to work together, which will result in cutting down on looking for talent and engineering components out of the country,” said Mr Banda.” Mr Banda said the diversified unit can save the country and miners the much-needed foreign currency by manufacturing spares locally and at competitive prices.“Inter Rail Tech has, since its establishment, close to five years ago, clinched a number of contracts to supply spares to established mining companies in the country,” said Mr Banda.

Sikhulekelani Moyo, Business Reporter THE National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) has set focus on substituting imports through domesticating critical engineering services under its Integrated Rail Technologies (Inter Rail Tech) arm.He said mining spares, which can be manufactured by Inter Rail Tech at its massive mechanical workshops include sleave wheels, cocopan wheels, rollers for conveyors, nuts, flanges, crane wheels and non-standard bolts.

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