The Western Producer 10 Jun, 2021 20:15 am

Nova Scotia producers try sweet potatoes

Nova Scotia producers try sweet potatoes
The Keddys seem to prefer to do things the hard way, like farming. The young couple lives in a fertile, warm, rich farming area that can grow all sorts of

“We’re always looking for a challenge, something to really test our skills,” said Phil as he detailed how he and Katie decided to embrace growing sweet potatoes in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley near Kentville.They knew growing sweet potatoes would bring them many problems at the beginning, but Phil and Katie knew they wouldn’t have a problem with the senior Keddys.“That’s how we’ve been able to make growing sweet potatoes a success.Indeed, with their farm’s sweet potatoes in the bins of Atlantic Canada’s major grocery stores, they have turned an almost unknown vegetable to Atlantic farmers into a feasible alternative, at least for farmers with their climatic conditions, access to farm labour and willingness to take risks.

They needed to figure out if sweet potatoes could actually work in Nova Scotia.They doubled down on learning the in’s and outs of sweet potatoes and began getting great results, giving them a perfect commodity to fit in with the overall farm’s original focus on growing nursery strawberry plants.

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