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No asbestos danger at East New York bus depot: IG

No asbestos danger at East New York bus depot: IG
The IG report to be released Wednesday found that the MTA could have handled the issue better.

Though signs warned of danger — “Cancer and lung disease hazard” — asbestos-laced anti-vibration cloth in a vent fan system was no threat to 1,000 workers at the MTA’s East New York bus depot, an MTA Inspector General report found.The East New York bus depot in Brooklyn.“Two months is an unnecessarily long period of time to await such a survey, and affected ENY [East New York depot] management’s ability to schedule necessary work in the fan house,” the IG said.Controversy over asbestos at the East New York depot began in February 2019 when workers found what they suspected was asbestos during an assessment of the building’s steam system that included the ventilation fans.

” [More New York] Man found shot to death in his Bronx apartment p In a statement, MTA officials said the agency has “already begun implementing the IG’s recommendations, including creating a new database of asbestos containing material on transit property, and establishing a routine monitoring system.“We made sure we did test after test after test, and where there was asbestos we made sure it was abated,” said Patafio.

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