29 Jan, 2021 11:00 am

Nigeria: Time for University Autonomy

Lack of adequate resources has undermined our public institutions

There is an urgent need for a more rational assessment of the issue of tuition and the surest way to addressing the challenge is to grant full autonomy to the federal universities.In an ambiguous statement the federal government said two years ago that the policy on non-payment of tuition fees in federal universities subsists, while at the same time saying that "various university councils and management should be able to fix what fees students should pay that is affordable and acceptable to the students".Students in federal universities, according to the statement, could be made to pay "auxiliary fees but not in excess.Having considered the potential danger that stares us on the face, we are of the strong opinion that an urgent convocation of a national educational summit to find solutions to the troubles faced by our universities would not be out of place.

We also think that at such summit, solutions like the introduction and implementation of student loans could be looked at and evaluated to support students' financing for their education.29 January 2021 p Lack of adequate resources has undermined our public institutions A good number of Nigeria's young people are enrolled to study in public universities owned by both the federal and state governments because they are relatively affordable.

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