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New York COVID rates jump to over 8 percent over the weekend

New York COVID rates jump to over 8 percent over the weekend
The percentage of New Yorkers who tested positive for the virus rose to 8.3% on Sunday, a 3% uptick from two days prior, which the governor called “statistically improbable.”

Cuomo said Monday.” “This is a jump from Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Cuomo said during a briefing in Albany.“Vaccines are valuable and there will be people who break the law, and we’re looking at one health care provider who may have done that,” Cuomo said.Cuomo said more than 140,000 New Yorkers have received their first round of COVID inoculations so far as the state prepares to expand who is eligible for the vaccine this week covering urgent care center employees, health care workers administering the doses and residents of OASAS facilities.

Cuomo also said he will sign two other executive orders Monday, one relating to evictions and a second withholding pay increases for all commissioner and statewide elected officials, including himself.Cuomo said the experiment could serve as a basis for future events in the coming year as vaccinations continue.

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