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New virus variant in South Africa is 'spreading very fast'

New virus variant in South Africa is 'spreading very fast'
"It's very important to notice that the variants between South Africa and the U.K. They are very different. They do not have a common origin, but they have a few similarities."

A new variant of the coronavirus is being blamed for a surge in COVID-19 cases in South Africa.Similarly to a new variant of the virus that was first detected in the U.“We have a new variant that has been spreading very fast, and that has done similar [things] to what the variant London has done,” Tulio de Oliveira, who’s part of the team who discovered the new variant, told CBS News.Besides apparently carrying a heavier viral load, the new variant, referred to as 501.

” Hancock, who announced new travel restrictions between the two countries, added that evidence suggests that the new variant has “mutated further” than the U.And although de Oliveira says health experts “have no reason to believe that the disease severity is dissimilar,” when comparing to earlier variants of the virus, the fact that the new variant can be more transmissible is concerning.

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