14 Jan, 2021 13:00 am

New Survey Finds that COVID-19 has Changed How We Think About Money

Study reveals new appreciation for budgeting and saving.

See: 59% of Americans Say They Will Use Their Stimulus Money for This Necessity Find: How the Pandemic Is Controlling Our Finances and Other Things We Learned in 2020 Studies According to a new survey, more than 50% of respondents who haven’t lost money during the pandemic say that the financial ramifications of COVID-19 have changed how they think about money in “profound ways.” This figure jumps to 70% for respondents who lost money in 2020 — from a quarter of their income to all of it, according to the Debt.” See: Here’s How Much Emergency Cash You Need Stashed If an Emergency Happens Find: 101 Easy Ways to Save Money Daily While most Americans do not have an emergency fund, more than eight in 10 of those who lost money due to the pandemic said that they now realize how important it is to save money for emergencies, according to the survey.6% cut their spending by at least 25%, while only 5% say they are still spending just as much as they did pre-pandemic.

com chairman Howard Dvorkin said in a statement.“These are Americans who want to work but can’t,” Dvorkin said.

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