18 Sep, 2020 07:45 am

New Nissan Patrol might go retro as a Bronco rival

Nissan says work is underway on a new Patrol and that it could be styled as a retro throwback, much like the popular new Ford Bronco.

Speaking today about the new Z Proto (400Z) , Nissan senior vice president of global product planning, Ivan Espinosa said work that had started on the new model and a retro-inspired theme is one of the options when Practical Motoring asked about the new Patrol potentially using its heritage in the way new the Z has for design.” We certainly love the idea of the new Patrol having some hero flashbacks to the boxy original.The new Patrol is a 4x4 battleship, and there’s room for something more adept to off-roading and bush tracks.However we look at it, the new Patrol is a long way off, but we can't help but feel there's just as much support for a retro Nissan Patrol as there is for the retro 400Z.

“I cannot share any detail,” said Espinosa.“There is always this tension between our planners and designers, and it is a very interesting dynamic we have and now everything is out there and we might do something either very futuristic but you could think of doing something futuristic  but at the same time you keep some of the iconic elements of the very original Patrol, for example the round eyes, the very straight lines at the front, so it is what we are now massaging around those things,” Espinosa said to us.

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