The Examiner 20 Dec, 2020 20:45 am

New COVID-19 cases plummet in Missouri

New COVID-19 cases plummet in Missouri
Missouri reported far fewer coronavirus cases in the week ending Saturday, adding 22,153 new cases. That's down 10.7%...

Across Missouri, cases fell in 75 counties, with the best declines in Jackson and Howell counties as well as the city of Kansas City.Charles County, with 1,756 cases; and the city of Kansas City, with 1,380.Kansas City is broken out separately by Johns Hopkins University.In the latest week the United States added 1,512,372 reported cases of coronavirus, an increase of 1.

Across the country, 17 states had more cases in the latest week than they did in the week before.2% in the latest week, compared with 17.

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