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NEPAL FOREIGN SERVICE DAY: Remembering Contributions

NEPAL FOREIGN SERVICE DAY: Remembering Contributions
With the cooperation and backing of his colleagues in the Ministry, Bharat Raj Paudyal, the Foreign Secretary, has demonstrated how a small decision to observe the Foreign Service Day and remember the accomplishments of the older generation can have a major impact on society

As the president pointed out, Foreign Secretary Paudyal has shown how a seemingly modest decision to observe Foreign Service Day and celebrate the efforts of legends can have a big impact on the field.Many people have given up their careers to serve in the foreign service, numbering in the hundreds.With his predecessor Shanker Das Bairagi as chief secretary and ministers with well read and seniors and enthusiastic younger generation, secretary Paudyal found most favorable time to take two small but significant decision to uphold and establish Nepal’s Foreign Ministry and Foreign Service.As it did the year before, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commemorated Foreign Service Day 2080 while honoring senior who have retired.

In their addresses, both speakers applauded Secretary Paudyal's initiative in creating Foreign Service Day and starting a tradition to honor seniors."This is an important day to think on the sacrifices, contributions, and work made by individuals who work for the Foreign Service,” said Foreign Minister NP Saud.

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