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Nebraska state troopers deploy to Texas to help at border

Nebraska state troopers deploy to Texas to help at border
By: The North Platte Bulletin

Greg Abbott in protecting the southern border from illegal immigrants and dangerous drugs, Pillen said in the announcement.“Our nation has a serious and unchecked threat on its hands following President Biden’s decision to end Title 42,” Pillen said.The troopers who volunteered from Nebraska are experienced drone operators and will be gone for two weeks, Pillen said.The cost will be paid from the existing Nebraska State Patrol budget, Pillen said in the announcement.

In early May, President Joe Biden’s issued a new border policy that requires migrants to request refugee status in another country, such as Mexico, before they can be apply for refugee status in the U.That new policy dramatically reduced the number of immigrants at the southern border asking for refugee status, but there are still 4,000-5,000 encounters at the border a day, Abbott’s office has said.

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