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N.Y. bars evictions until May amid COVID pandemic

N.Y. bars evictions until May amid COVID pandemic
Democrats in the Senate passed the sweeping legislative package, placing a moratorium on evictions until May, during a rare end-of-the-year session that came days before a less stringent federal measure is set to expire. The Assembly was expected to approve the bill later in the day.

“We want to make sure that homeowners are protected, that it doesn’t affect their credit rating, there’s no mortgage foreclosure,” Cuomo said during a briefing earlier in the day.“We want to get to May 1 and we’ll see what happens by May, but we want to protect tenants.Most Read “We want to make it simple.“This moratorium is a good step to ensure New Yorkers don’t get thrown out of their homes at a time when we’re asking people to stay in their homes.

But, they said, there is more work to do in order to keep thousands of struggling New Yorkers from becoming homeless in the months ahead.“Our legislative leaders must address the looming rent debt crisis, as many unemployed tenants owe thousands in back rent and have no way to pay it.

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