26 Jan, 2021 07:30 am

Muslim Community Yet to Adopt Online Prayers

As the Covid-19 pandemic forced suspension of various activities including religious services and other big gatherings, a number of faith-based organisations have been devising ways of keeping their congregations fed with preaching and prayer.

"We don't have individual mosques that have opened for their congregants to follow teachings online.However, though mosques have not availed this service yet, Mbarushimana said there are some online teachings that Muslims can access offered by some individual Sheikhs via platforms like YouTube."There is also a risk of making less progress in your religious knowledge (in this time of restrictions).When you link up with others, there is a way you share religious knowledge and ask questions related to religion which is not much of the case in these days of lockdown," he said.

In addition, Voice of Africa, the radio of Islamic religion in Rwanda also broadcasts religious teachings and the Muslims can follow along.Another Muslim who spoke to this newspaper (a resident of Kigali) said he follows teachings on Voice of Africa Radio, and also tries to pray from home during the time that they cannot gather physically.

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