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Murdered Parker family in Mississippi

Murdered Parker family in Mississippi
Thirty-one years ago, several Parker family members were tortured and killed. Scott Parker will not see justice. He died of COVID-19.

Randall Scott Parker is finally, mercifully at peace and a family circle violently broken 31 years ago is once again unbroken.A month ago, I wrote about the sad story of the Carl “Bubba” Parker family in Quitman County and of Scott Parker — the lone surviving son who maintained the lonely vigil of waiting for what he believed was justice for his murdered family.Mutual friends in the Delta notified me last week that Scott Parker, 56, died Sept.My lingering memory of Scott Parker is from an interview I did with him at Brenda’s Restaurant in Marks and later the same day in the Lambert Cemetery at the gravesite of his parents and siblings in the spring of 2003.

Scott Parker was an unlikely supporter of that concept based on his family’s hard experiences in waiting to travel the labyrinth of state and federal appeals by the two individuals convicted and sentenced to death for murdering his family in one of the more heinous crimes in Mississippi history.” Scott Parker was 38 when he granted that interview, but he appeared much older.

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