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Motorcycles accounted for nearly half of the road crashes in July

Bangladesh Motorcycles accounted for nearly half of the road crashes in July: report Traffic accidents killed 739 across Bangladesh in July, according to data compiled by Road Safety Foundation 6 August 2022, 10:26 AM Published : 6 August 2022, 10:26 AM Updated : A total of 739 people have died and 2,042 others were injured in 632 road traffic accidents reported across Bangladesh in July.Motorcycles were the most common vehicles involved in crashes and accounted for most of the fatalities last month, the Road Safety Foundation said in a report published on Saturday.The Road Safety Foundation added collisions that took place at different level crossings to the count for train crashes." Accidents involving high-speed vehicles and motorcycles have increased due to mentally and physically unfit drivers, according to the Road Safety Foundation.

Among the other vehicles, three-wheelers were involved in 221 crashes, trucks 179, buses 188, pick-ups 56, covered vans 21, and improvised vehicles such as Nosiman, Koriman and other battery-run autorickshaws in 82 accidents.In addition, 149 people were passengers on three-wheeled vehicles, 26 on improvised vehicles like Nosiman and Koriman and 22 others on bicycles and rickshaws.

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