World Socialist Web Site 27 Mar, 2021 03:15 am

Morenoite CRT offers political alliance with Spain’s PSOE-Podemos government

As anger mounts at the government’s “herd immunity” and police state policies, the Morenoite Workers’ Revolutionary Current is offering a political alliance with Podemos.

As Podemos remains in government, this is simply a call for a political front with the PSOE-Podemos government against the working class.aimed to overturn the US presidential elections, the PP’s alliance with Vox points to the growing danger of fascism for the working class in Spain and internationally.Incoherently complaining that Podemos “renounces any independent perspective” from the government of which it is a part, the CRT adds: “Now, imagine that [Unidas Podemos] called to defend a minimally independent programme of the capitalist parties, against the rich, in defense of the working class, women and youth.” The bankruptcy of Podemos poses a decisive question to the working class in Spain and across Europe—the building of a new, socialist revolutionary leadership.

The only way to halt the EU’s criminal herd immunity policy is to build a political movement in the working class fighting to expropriate the financial aristocracy and transfer state power to the working class.The CRT, in contrast, aspires to do nothing more than provide political cover to the Spanish government, whose left flank is exposed by growing working class anger at the reactionary role of Podemos.

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