21 Sep, 2020 05:30 am

More mothers seeking help for post-natal recovery

More mothers seeking help for post-natal recovery
Bai Juan used to throw herself entirely taking care of her first child after giving birth to the baby girl 11 years ago.

She also visited the Yinchuan Women and Children Healthcare Hospital twice a week for help with post-partum rehabilitation, including pelvic floor therapy.Zhang Yanqin, a senior doctor with the YWCHH, said pregnancy and delivery are major factors behind women’s pelvic floor dysfunction — disorders that occur when pelvic floor muscles and ligaments are damaged.“The pressure generated by the fetus during the process of pregnancy and delivery damages the resilience of pelvic floor muscles, leading to symptoms like urinary incontinence while sneezing or coughing,” Zhang said.With the increasing awareness of their health and body shapes, more and more new mothers, many of whom are old and find it harder to recover, are turning to professional help.

In 2019, it treated nearly half the 7,000 new mothers in the hospital,.“Most new mothers back then spent almost all their time nursing their children, neglecting their own health,” Wang recalled.

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