Gatestone Institute gatestoneinstitute.org 11 May, 2022 08:15 am

More Islamic Death Threats in Europe

Geert Wilders has dedicated his life to supporting freedom of speech and religious tolerance... What seems to have earned him these death threats is his unrelenting passion for freedom. To others, it seems, this commitment, is not a plus. Radical cleric

The American version [of George Orwell's Ministry of Truth, the US Disinformation Governance Board] is to be headed by a supposed "expert" on disinformation, Nina Jankowicz, who already has a record of unexpertly dismissing Hunter Biden's easily verifiable laptop as a "Trump Campaign product;" supporting the notoriously false "Steele Dossier;" saying on National Public Radio: "I shudder to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms," and, while discussing "online abuse" against women, she actually recommended deploying the police.To suppress free speech is a double wrong.Freedom of speech in free nations should supersede imposing even more limitations on freedom.As the powers that be continue clamping down on the free speech we all should cherish, we must recognize the value and strength that people like Wilders, and even those who burn flags, bring to the public square.

Wilders, nonetheless, sees the personal sacrifice as the price to be paid to advocate for a free society and free speech, saying: "[T]he point is, if you really speak out in favour of freedom, let alone if you use the freedom of speech." Free speech, he comments, is "absolute for the people who talk according to the wishes of the elite that are in charge.

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