The Japan Times 08 Apr, 2021 03:45 am

Moon and his party suffer big election losses in Seoul and Busan

Moon and his party suffer big election losses in Seoul and Busan
A key issue in the races was anger over housing prices in major metropolitan areas that have soared under Moon.

| POOL / VIA REUTERS President Moon Jae-in’s Democratic Party was handed its worst defeat in five years in mayoral elections in South Korea’s two biggest cities, a troubling sign for his progressive bloc just 11 months before a presidential vote.The setbacks could also serve as warning to his Democratic Party that it needs to revamp its policies if it wants to keep the presidency when Moon’s single, five-year term ends in 2022.Members of South Korea’s ruling Democratic Party watch screens showing the result of exit polls of the Seoul mayoral by-election at the party headquarters in Seoul on Wednesday.The by-elections were needed after the mayors in Seoul and Busan, both from Moon’s Democratic Party, faced allegations of sexual harassment, an embarrassment for Moon who has billed himself as a feminist president.

The losses in the cities that account for about a quarter of South Korea’s population could slam the brakes on Moon’s agenda to increase public employment and a push for larger fiscal spending.| POOL / VIA REUTERS PHOTO GALLERY (CLICK TO ENLARGE) KEYWORDS South Korea, Seoul, Busan, Moon Jae-in, Oh Se-hoon

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