NZ Herald 28 Apr, 2021 02:00 am

Money in Hawke's Bay hills if trees are in the right place

Money in Hawke's Bay hills if trees are in the right place
The stakes are high as Council move to protect erodable land in Hawke's Bay

Erosion in Hawke's Bay - not a pleasant sight.Photo / Supplied The Hawke's Bay Regional Council is proposing an ambitious tree planting solution to protect and strengthen as much as 250,000 hectares of what it calls "highly-erodable and vulnerable" land.Cr Will Foley, a former Federated Farmers Hawke's Bay provincial chairman, says it has economic and environmental benefits for the farming community, local economy and wider community.Around 250,000 hectares of Hawke's Bay land is highly-erodible and vulnerable, according to the Council's modelling.

In a trial named "Right Tree Right Place", the Council will offer a loan and other funding mechanisms to landowners to plant trees on the land, with economic and environmental benefits, from manuka, honey, timber and horticulture options with the greatest potential to deliver a return and offset loan repayments." "For pastoral farmers, this programme will help us meet freshwater regulatory targets, provide a diversified income stream, help combat erosion, store carbon, and strengthen biodiversity.

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