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Mistreated employee receives $1,700 from strangers

Mistreated employee receives $1,700 from strangers
A Georgia woman helped raise $1,700 dollars for a mistreated McDonald's employee.

” The envelope contained $1,700 from people who sought to “put a smile on (Bryanna’s) face and show her not all humans are horrible,” said Syed.NBA star DeMar DeRozan confirms he chased intruder from his California home » “She has been a blessing,” Bryanna said of Syed.“She was crying and covered in ice and soda and syrup,” Syed explained to “Today.“There’s still some good people out there.

” But Syed downplayed her incredible act of kindness.4, when she noticed the driver in front of her vehicle hurling a large drink at one of the eatery’s employees, reported Today.

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