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Missouri boy, 3, recovers after stroke from COVID

Missouri boy, 3, recovers after stroke from COVID
“I don’t care how tough you are; you will cry. You can’t help it when it’s your 3-year-old laying there.”

Paul Carney, the pediatric neurologist at MU Health who diagnosed Colt.Camilo Gomez, an MU Health neurologist used a treatment called thrombectomy to remove the clot from the boy’s brain.For over a week, Tim and Sara Parris spent some agonizing days waiting while their son Colt was being treated by doctors at the Columbia, Mo.” After running a test, doctors at the hospital gave Tim and Sara the scary news about their little boy.

The situation started when Sara started noticing that “his speech was a little off,” he looked tired, and he wasn’t using his dominant arm to grab a stuffed animal — that’s when she “knew something else wasn’t right.The difference could be seen right away, according to his mother, who said that when Colt came out of the sedation period, “his speech was there, his words were there.

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