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Minister Mutsvangwa mourns Cont

Minister Mutsvangwa mourns Cont
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In a statement, Minister Mutsvangwa said Mhlanga knew the value of the arts to humanity, nation-building and civilisation.She said Mhlanga worked hard to uncover talent and nurture it.She said Mhlanga helped artistes build livelihoods and find sustenance.Mr Ndlovu said Mhlanga was instrumental in securing the broadcasting licences for Skyz Metro FM, Breeze FM and recently Keyona TV, all of which benefited from his years of experience, knowledge and his passion for delivering cutting edge content to audiences.

Mr Ndlovu said Mhlanga’s passing leaves a huge abyss in the entertainment industry.” Bulawayo mayor Councillor Solomon Mguni said Mhlanga was a visionary and pioneer who spearheaded many projects in the Creative Arts industry.

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