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by Mike DiGirolamo 24 November 2021 While it’s clear that soil can help limit the impacts of climate change, leveraging its power requires a menu of solutions at many scales.Most of them require big policy… by Mike DiGirolamo 17 September 2021 As deforestation and the violation of Indigenous land rights continue to be an ever-present part of the global supply chain, many consumers (and even investors) are calling for transparency on… by Mike DiGirolamo 8 September 2021 With scientists, advocates and communities across the world making increasingly dire assessments and warnings about the planet’s health, knowing what problems to focus on becomes ever more complex.Over the… by Mike DiGirolamo 26 August 2021 In late 2019, Mongabay launched a special reporting project on Amazon women that took readers to communities throughout the region to meet and learn about the women who are emerging… by Mike DiGirolamo 12 January 2016 Imagine living in an environment of constant noise where you cannot get anything accomplished.Ocean noise pollution caused by shipping, oil and gas development, and other human activities is making… by Mike DiGirolamo 4 December 2015 How do wind energy companies kill protected bald eagles and golden eagles via turbine strikes every year without facing legal repercussions?

Fish… by Mike DiGirolamo 24 November 2015 Twenty-three days before a major earthquake in 2011 animals began disappearing from part of Yanachaga National Park in Peru.By 24 hours before the quake they had completely vacated the… by Mike DiGirolamo 16 October 2015 A recent study, published in BioScience, details successful efforts by local citizens to monitor natural resources, and finds that citizens do the job just as effectively as trained scientists.

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