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Michael Cohen sues claiming sentence should be shortened

Michael Cohen sues claiming sentence should be shortened
Michael Cohen claimed in a new lawsuit Monday that he his three-year prison sentence should be trimmed by by nearly a year — thanks to criminal justice reform signed into law by the man he betrayed: President Trump.

Cohen says rehabilitation programs he completed while locked up at Otisville Correctional Institution warrant a sentence reduction of 359 days under the First Step Act signed into law by Trump in 2018 and credit for good behavior.When I am successful in these two Writs, requiring the Bureau of Prisons to do what they are required to do under the First Step Act, there could be potential Earned Time Credit benefits to each of the above identified inmates; myself included,” Cohen told the Daily News.A key component of the First Step Act is an assessment of an inmate’s likelihood of committing another crime.Trump touted the First Step Act on the 2020 campaign trial while falsely boasting “I’ve done more for Black Americans than anybody with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln.

Cohen, acting as his own attorney, asks a Manhattan federal judge to reverse the Bureau of Prisons’ decision to deny credit for those programs.The Bureau of Prisons wrote Cohen last week he will receive no credit off his sentence, according to the suit.

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