news.com.au 25 Nov, 2021 03:45 am

Melbourne residents upset with council bin tactic

Melbourne residents upset with council bin tactic
Debate has surged in a small community after a council move described as a “bit creepy” sparked a rift among residents.

Residents of a Melbourne suburb have raised reservations over a method the local council is using to clamp down on incorrect bin use.Residents of a Melbourne community are fuming over a council bin manoeuvre.They were referencing the fact that green bins in the Glen Eira council area could not receive compostable packaging or biodegradable bags like in other jurisdictions.au has contacted the Glen Eira council for comment.

Picture: Facebook Its understood the information tags were placed only on bins that had been incorrectly used.We pay for printing of those and for people who have looked in the bins and placed the tags.

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