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Meine Gott! Smithtown makes ripples overseas

Daily Point Smithtown is 'Town Trump' in Germany As the politics in Smithtown started to become extremely heated over the past two years, the battles attracted attention, first locally, then nationall

" But the piece is also an exploration of the larger politics of both the town and the issues, and the hard-right attendees and members of groups like "Long Island Loud Majority" and "Save Our Schools" are treated respectfully, their quotes printed without editorial comment.— Lane Filler @lanefiller Nassau Republicans gather Sunday at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale for their annual "kickoff brunch.Expect the mood to be unusually upbeat, insiders say, coming three months after the surprising GOP surge in local elections across Long Island.As for plans, the Long Island Marriott website says "Signage throughout our hotels … remind guests to maintain social distancing," and that there are "occupancy limits and seating capacities reductions in our restaurants in compliance with local and state mandates, and partitions installed at front desks and food and beverage service lines.

The reporter, a well-known German correspondent living in New York named Dorothea Hahn, gave both sides space to speak.In Smithtown, New York, white parents want to protect their children from all the supposedly newfangled ways of bringing up children.

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