statehousereport.com 27 May, 2023 01:15 am

McMaster needs to go to apology school – Statehouse Report

“Yesterday, Governor Henry McMaster threatened me, my family and thousands of other Anderson County residents who are Democrats when he said he looks forward to the day he can ‘hunt us with dogs,’” said Chris Salley, chairman of the Anderson County Democratic Party, p .What our governor said was mean, mean-spirited and filled with racial undertones of South Carolina’s ugly past in which white elites subjugated enslaved Africans and actually did hunt them when they escaped.There’s not going to be any Kumbaya moment in South Carolina anytime soon, but you can stop throwing gas on the fire.Here’s how the p reported on the remark: “In a statement Monday, a spokesman for McMaster said the governor had been saying the line at GOP conventions for years, adding that ‘everyday South Carolinians understand that it’s a joke.

But rather than continuing to brush off the remark, the governor needs to realize he represents all South Carolinians, not just the ones who may look like him.Charleston County Democratic Party Chairman Sam Skardon went further: “We cannot continue to normalize threats of political violence from the leadership of the Republican Party.

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