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McDonald’s introduces Spam sandwich with Oreo cookie crumbs

McDonald’s introduces Spam sandwich with Oreo cookie crumbs
When you think 2020 couldn’t get any weirder... In the latest bizarre development for this very strange year, McDonald’s revealed a new sandwich in China that is made of Spam topped with Oreo cookie crumbs, an attention-grabbing combination that is terrifying the internet.

The controversial “burger” is made of two slices of Spam’s canned pork, a generous serving of crushed Oreo cookies and a creamy sauce that is said to be mayonnaise, according to multiple reports and a series of photos McDonald’s shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.Despite the overwhelmingly shocked reactions on social media, several customers have shared positive reviews online.One of them called the sandwich “unexpectedly delicious” in a review shared by McDonald’s on Weibo.” Twitter user Jonathan Foerster wrote Monday.

The company plans to sell 400,000 of those sandwiches as part of a limited-edition promotion running on Mondays only.“Some of y’all saying ‘Why would China do this’ seem to have forgotten that McDonald’s is an American company.

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