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McConnell says ‘no realistic path’ for $2K COVID stimulus checks

McConnell says ‘no realistic path’ for $2K COVID stimulus checks
President Trump and Democrats support $2,000 checks, but McConnell said the proposal won't likely pass the Senate because of spending reluctance among rank-and-file Republicans.

President Trump and Democrats are finding an unlikely alliance in pushing for the $2,000 checks, and for a second day in a row, Vermont Sen.He said he’d pick up the proposal for $2,000 checks if the bill itself also includes language to repeal so-called Section 230 legal protections for social-media companies like Facebook and Twitter as well as a provision to establish a commission to review the integrity of the 2020 election.) said McConnell knows that and argued the Kentucky Republican’s push for the unrelated provisions is a backdoor attempt to doom the $2,000 checks while also staying in Trump’s good graces.“Either the Senate takes up and passes the House bill, or struggling American families will not get $2,000 checks during the worst economic crisis in 75 years.

In justifying his hardball gamble, Sanders urged McConnell to speak with some of his constituents about $2,000 checks.For a second time this week, the iron-fisted Republican leader of the Senate blocked consideration Wednesday of a bill to issue $2,000 coronavirus stimulus checks to most Americans and suggested the only way he’d put up the payments for a vote is if they’re bundled together with a couple of unrelated measures despised by Democrats.

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