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Massive Antarctica iceberg breaks up

Massive Antarctica iceberg breaks up
The world’s largest iceberg, which split off from the Antarctic shelf known as Larsen C in 2017, has now started shedding chunks as it drifts toward South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic.

2 miles (33 nautical miles long by 8 nautical miles wide), while A-68f is 16 miles by 8 miles, or 14 by 7 nautical miles, the agency said.xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> Cuomo calls on N.National Ice Center announced Tuesday.National Ice Center confirmed that two new icebergs have calved from A-68A in the South Atlantic Ocean, the agency said in a statement.

The two new additions were first spotted by ice center analyst Michael Lowe and confirmed by fellow analyst Chris Readinger, the center said.This image of Iceberg A68A approaching South Georgia Island, in the southern Atlantic Ocean, was taken on Dec, 3, 2020.

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