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Massive $1.4T stimulus bill expected to pass Congress

Massive $1.4T stimulus bill expected to pass Congress
The 5,593-page legislation includes $1.4 trillion to keep the federal government up and running, and nearly $892 billion in funding to shore up an economy battered by the surging coronavirus.

The legislation also has $45 billion in transportation funding that is expected to be a major boon to cities like New York with struggling transit systems.Another boost for New York will be some $15 billion for cultural institutions, particularly theaters.Republican leaders opposed that measure, however, saying that states like New York would use the money to paper over preexisting bad spending habits.“This is an emergency survival package, and when we come back in January, our No.

But Republicans stood firm in insisting the package come in at under $1 trillion, and at one point proposed as little as $500 billion.(Jacquelyn Martin/AP) A key provision that families will likely feel first is the inclusion of $600 checks, which Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said could start flowing as soon as next week.

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