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Masks do protect us

Masks do protect us
Since the pandemic began, we have had to adapt on a regular basis to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. We began wearing masks, social distancing, and depending on our professions, working from h

As president of Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW and the Long Island Federation of Labor, I have prioritized the health and safety of the essential workers my organizations represent as they serve their communities on the front lines of the pandemic.All members of Local 338 are essential workers, and they don’t have the option of staying home and doing their jobs remotely.This wave has only increased the urgency for a statewide mask mandate, and New Yorkers are fortunate to have a governor who fully understands the importance of protecting our essential workers.When people don’t wear a mask, it is an insult to essential workers and all they have done for their neighbors during this time of need.

It’s a sign of respect and an acknowledgment that our essential workers were there while so many of us had the chance to stay home.Local 338 advises our membership to avoid approaching noncompliant customers in an effort to protect them from violent retaliation or harassment.

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