TimesLIVE timeslive.co.za 23 Nov, 2021 12:00 am

Mashaba says he pulled out of the Joburg mayoral race to prevent the DA handing the metro to the ANC

What stood between the ANC and the DA was him pulling out of the mayoral race, said Mashaba.

Mashaba said ActionSA and other smaller political parties were caught between voting with the DA or giving power back to the ANC in the two metros.What stood between the ANC and the DA in the City of Johannesburg was him pulling out of the mayoral race, said Mashaba.Mashaba said ActionSA and other political parties chose to endorse DA candidates despite the party’s “arrogance” and refusal to work collaboratively with smaller coalition partners.This is not what residents want, and this is not what residents deserve,” said Mashaba.

It threatened to hand municipalities back to the ANC and it threatened the long-term nature of these arrangements ahead of the 2024 national elections,” said Mashaba.“The actions of a group of political parties, of which ActionSA is one, will ensure that the flame of a multiparty alternative to the ANC can be kept alive, even if it must be led by a party undeserving by its actions,” said Mashaba.

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