fxstreet.com 17 Feb, 2021 06:45 am

Market focus turns to rise in long-end yields

Market focus turns to rise in long-end yields
We may see a rebound in US retail sales for January following the pay-out of the second round of stimulus checks. US industrial production is also due

In Scandinavia Sweden releases Prospera inflation expectations while we get the quarterly oil investment survey in Norway, see below.In Norway, the Q1 oil investment survey will be published this morning.We have been assuming that oil investment will fall 6-7% this year due to a number of major projects being completed.While higher inflation expectations have supported reflation sensitive assets so far this year 10Y US real rates yesterday hit the highest level in 2021 - albeit at -0.

In Sweden Prospera publishes its monthly inflation expectations survey at 08:00.345%, which is the highest level since June.

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