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Man shoots friend at gun range, is killed by stranger

Man shoots friend at gun range, is killed by stranger
State troopers in Erie, Pennsylvania are seeking a motive in a gun-range shooting that erupted seemingly without provocation and ended in the original gunman’s death at the hands of a Good Samaritan.

on Sunday, the Erie Times-News reported.Most Read The 67-year-old was taken into custody, questioned and later released, the Erie Times-News said.Mark Weindorf of the state police told the Erie Times-News on Wednesday.” Eppley and his friend met up at the range in separate vehicles, each with their girlfriends, Weindorf told the Erie Times-News.

After a 4½-hour autopsy, a forensic pathologist ruled Eppley’s death a homicide due to gunshot wounds to the torso, Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook told the Erie Times-News.It was Tuesday afternoon at the State Gameland’s Gun Range in western Pennsylvania when 26-year-old Robert Eppley and a friend, 28, were trading a new pistol back and forth as they took turns trying it out, police said.

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